Stop studying grammar and focus on listening! Interview with Kristin Dodds from Learn Real English

In today's episode I’m talking to one of the founders and teachers of Learn Real English - Kristin Dodds.

Kristin has more than 20 years of experience teaching English to speakers of other languages.  She has taught English in South Korea, Thailand and Japan, as well as in the United States. She has a CELTA certificate and Master’s degree in TESOL.

Kristin with AJ Hoge and Joe Weiss run together Learn Real English which helps students around the world becoming fluent and confident English speakers without focusing on grammar rules.

This podcast episode is full of tips, so grab a glass of water or a cup of tea and enjoy our talk with Kristin. :)

From English learner to professional English teacher in England

Yeşim Beğen started learning English as an adult in Turkey, but her passion for this language led her all the way to England where she became a professional English teacher.

Today Yeşim takes advantage of her unique experience and helps her students in England and also remotly via Skype.

As you will hear on the show, Yeşim completely understands what it takes to become a fluent and confident English speaker - simply - becuase she went through it all and succeeded. :)

Rap your way to English fluency! Interview with Jason R. Levine AKA Fluency MC

I am extremely happy to share with you the new episode of English the Smart Way podcast. :)

This time we are talking with a very special guest - Jason R. Levine AKA Fluency MC

From his early DJ-ing career, Jason transitioned into a completely new path - he became an English teacher. A very special one - as you will hear on the interview!

Today, Jason is also a successful teacher trainer, "knowledge entertainer" and creator of the English Workout Method which you will learn more about on the interview.

Listen to and enjoy today's episode with Jase from!

Non-traditional English learning methods with Jeremy Kemp

Jeremy Kemp, originally from London, teaches English online. He started his teaching career in a local language school when he moved to Italy. Soon he realised that traditional English teaching methods don't work.

Fortunately, Jeremy's background in psychology and experience in working with children with autism has helped him to develop a new set of non-traditional English teaching/learning methods.

As you will hear on the interview, me and Jeremy had a great chat. Jeremy gives us many useful tips you can apply to your English learning today!

Enjoy! :)

Still not speaking confident English? Let’s change it together! [don’t read this if you don’t want to improve your English]

Motivation Time Machine

Yeah, I know. You want to become fluent and confident English speaker! And I can completely relate. Because once, English fluency was my dream too. It was a Dream that became the reality. And that’s the reason I want to share this article with you today.

Fear of making mistakes | Anxiety of speaking a foreign language | My story

I am happy to share with you the second episode of English the Smart Way podcast. As I have had many request from you to cover the topic of speaking anxiety, I have decided to dedicate the whole podcast session exclusively to this topic. :)

I suffered from foreign language speaking anxiety myself so I will try to describe the problem and its solution from my own perspective.


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