Rap your way to English fluency! Interview with Jason R. Levine AKA Fluency MC

Hello my dear listener,

I am extremely happy to share with you the new episode of English the Smart Way podcast. 🙂

This time we are talking with a very special guest – Jason R. Levine AKA Fluency MC

From his early DJ-ing career, Jason transitioned into a completely new path – he became an English teacher. A very special one – as you will hear on the interview!


Stop studying grammar and focus on listening! Interview with Kristin Dodds from Learn Real English

In today’s episode I’m talking to one of the founders and teachers of Learn Real English – Kristin Dodds.

Kristin has more than 20 years of experience teaching English to speakers of other languages.  She has taught English in South Korea, Thailand and Japan, as well as in the United States. She has a CELTA certificate, as well as a Master’s degree in TESOL, which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages.


From English learner to professional English teacher in England

Yeşim Beğen started learning English as an adult in Turkey, but her passion for this language led her all the way to England where she became a professional English teacher.

Today Yeşim takes advantage of her unique experience and helps her students in England and also remotely via Skype.


Non-traditional English learning methods with Jeremy Kemp

Jeremy Kemp, originally from London, teaches English online.

He started his teaching career in a local language school when he moved to Italy. Soon he realised that traditional English teaching methods don’t work. Fortunately, Jeremy’s background in psychology and experience in working with children with autism has helped him to develop a new set of non-traditional English teaching/learning methods.


English Success Story: Interview with Massimo from Italy

This is the 3rd episode of English the Smart Way podcast! Plus, this is the first interview on the show! 🙂 Interview with my very good friend Massimo who is a successful English speaker.

Let’s listen and learn from his experience with English learning. 🙂

Btw, the interview is around 38 minutes, so if you have a tea or coffee, grab it, relax and enjoy English. 😉

Also, feel free to download the interview to your MP3 player or mobile phone to listen to it while on the go.

Important Note: Please be aware that we – me and Massimo – are not native English speakers and we made some grammar mistakes during the interview.

When I write articles, it’s easy to correct the text before I publish it, but interview is a bit different – I can’t just go back and fix all mistakes. 🙂 I hope you will enjoy the interview anyways. 🙂

This is the real authentic interview! 😉

The first 6 minutes are dedicated to Massimo’s introduction. After that, the English interview questions begin.

In the session you will learn

  • How Massimo finally overcame his issues with public speaking in English (6:14)
  • Massimo’s favorite tools and sources for English learning (17:44)
  • How our identity can affect our English learning (25:14)
  • Massimo’s number one tip(s) for English learners around the world (32:05)

Mentioned in this session

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Fear of making mistakes | Anxiety of speaking a foreign language | My story

I am happy to share with you the second episode of English the Smart Way podcast. As I have had many request from you to cover the topic of speaking anxiety, I have decided to dedicate the whole podcast session exclusively to this topic. 🙂


Introduction | Show formalities | What to expect

Hello everyone! This is the very first session of English the Smart Way podcast. 🙂 Podcasting has become extremely popular over the past few years so I thought to myself  Why not to start podcasting too?