Still not speaking confident English? Let’s change it together!

Yeah, I know. You want to become fluent and confident English speaker! And I can completely relate. Because once, English fluency was my dream too. It was a Dream that became the reality. And that’s the reason I want to share this article with you today.

Yeah, I know. You want to become fluent and confident English speaker! And I can completely relate.

Because once, English fluency was my dream too.

A few years ago, I couldn’t speak English. I was afraid of making mistakes.

I wasn’t sure which grammar tense to use. And if I met a random foreigner in the street, my mind went blank.

So English fluency was a dream to me.

It was a Dream that became the reality.

And that’s the reason I want to share this article with you today.

I want you to become successful English speaker.

When we look at the world these days. One might get really scared.

Every day there are more and more jobs demanding fluent English.

International companies are moving their offices to countries in Asia, South America and Europe – to countries where English is a second language. These companies are hiring local people like you and me. Job interviews in English are common practice.

And business is not an exception. If you come from entrepreneurial background you know that economy has changed. Everything is global. With English as the language of business.

It seems to me that English is no longer an advantage. It’s a must.

Alright, let’s relax now a bit. 🙂

Do you like stories? Do you like sci-fi or would you like to travel in time? 🙂 If so, let’s get on the time machine together.

Let’s look into the future. Let’s visualize.

Imagine that we are getting on the brand new shiny time machine. It looks like some kind of car from future. You take the driver’s seat and I am sitting on your side enjoying the ride with you. 🙂

Now it’s the time. You pushed the BIG green button.

The clock starts ticking faster, the time is running. And… BAM!

Suddenly you are 6 months older. You are still reading this article but something is different.

(Don’t worry, you are still young and good-looking of course! 😉 ) You just feel different!

Because you know. You know that now – in the future – you CAN speak fluent and confident English! Almost like a native speaker!

When you open your mouth and start talking, the words and sentences are in English. It feels like you almost forgot your own native language.

And what about your thoughts?

You are thinking in English.

All the thoughts coming to your mind are English ones.

And when you go to sleep you have English dreams. 🙂

It’s like having a new identity. Identity of bold and powerful English speaker.

You talk in English, share your ideas, present your thoughts, tell stories to your English speaking friends and colleagues.

In English with confidence!

You see so many new opportunities! The doors opened for you. The doors you didn’t even know existed before. The world is yours.

Now you can use your language skills and learn from English books, listen to English audiobooks and podcasts with ease.

And what more? You can use all these new information and skills to transform your life for better. And of course help your family and friends.

You are powerful, confident and fluent English speaker.

Now. Let’s pause for one second and think.

We are still in the future.

Do you know why you are confident and fluent English speaker? Do you know why your income could multiply, why you have so many great international friends? Do you know why you enjoy all the benefits of a confident English speaker right now? 🙂

Because 6 months in the past you TOOK the ACTION.

6 months ago you committed yourself and DECIDED that you are going to be a confident English speaker!



6 months ago is NOW!


it is the time to TAKE ACTION and ENJOY all the benefits that will come to your life with English.

If I could do this, you can do it too! There’s really no magic. And believe me, in 6 months you can speak much better English!


  1. Click here and check out the resources that has helped me to become fluent English speaker.
  2. Or basically, do something with your English. 🙂

(it really doesn’t have to be with me or this website of course 🙂 Use any English resources that you know and like.)

Important is to consistently dedicate your time and energy to English – so that in 6 months from now you can look back and thank yourself.

The world is moving, the world is moving fast. Don’t let it leave you behind!

It is Your English.

Go for it NOW.


P.S. Thanks to English I am now able to help much more people that I would have without it. If you are new to English the Smart Way, I would like to invite you to browse the website and see how it can help you. 🙂

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What English means to you? What it will help you accomplish in your life? Share your thoughts with me and other readers in the comments below! 🙂

2 replies on “Still not speaking confident English? Let’s change it together!”

Hi Ivan! I’d like to share to you my thanks because your tips are helping me a lot. I’m from Brazil and I’m reading your guide and it’s opening my mind and I’m feeling that my English are getting better day to day. Thank you for you share with us all your knowledge and always to help us everything. Take care!

Thank you so much my friend! 🙂 I appreciate your positive feedback. Comments like this keep me motivated to provide you with more and more content to help you speak fluent and confident English! 🙂

I am really happy for your improvement and looking foward to your further progress in English speaking! 😉 Let’s keep in touch!

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