Letter #6: The One “Weird” Technique to Start Thinking in English

Hi Peter,

how are you doing?

Can you imagine yourself thinking in English as if it was your native language? How would that feel? 🙂

What if English became your “primary thinking language”? And what if you could choose the language you want to be thinking in?

When you think in English it feels almost as if English was your native language because thoughts coming to your mind are the English ones! 🙂

You may ask: “Ok Ivan it all sounds great, but what if I have never been thinking in English? What if I always translate sentences from my native language to English in my mind? How can I start thinking in English?

Here’s a simple technique for you Peter. Let’s call it Talking to yourself. 🙂

The only instruction of this technique is:

Describe your daily activities and situations in English.

Let me explain the technique on a simple example:

When you are sitting in a chair working on your computer, you can tell yourself:

“I am sitting on a chair and working.” 🙂

Or, if you are on a walk in the forest, tell yourself:

“I am walking in the forest.”

Or, as you are now reading this email you can say:

“I am reading the email and learning a new language learning technique.” 🙂

Simply – describe the activities you are doing at the moment. You can just think about the action or you can even speak out loud what you are doing. (preferably do this when you are alone) 😉

At first it may be difficult to find the right words to describe the activity, but with a little bit of practice you will get better soon.

After using this technique for a while, you can make it more challenging by talking to yourself about your future / past activities.

For example:

“I am going to do the dishes.”

and so on… (by the way, I love washing dishes! 🙂 )

Got the idea? 🙂 I hope so.

Look, I know it might sound ridiculous to talk to yourself, but it is really effective method I have used myself to start thinking in English.

So try it for yourself today and have fun! 😉

Feel free to hit the reply button and tell me what you think about this technique. I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful week,
Ivan 🙂