From English learner to professional English teacher in England

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Yeşim Beğen started learning English as an adult in Turkey, but her passion for this language led her all the way to England where she became a professional English teacher.

Today Yeşim takes advantage of her unique experience and helps her students in England and also remotly via Skype.

As you will hear on the show, Yeşim completely understands what it takes to become a fluent and confident English speaker - simply - because she went through it all and succeeded. :)

Also, you will see that all of us - English learners - experience very similar obstacles when learning English. :)

Listen to and enjoy today's episode wtih Yeşim Beğen from

In the session you will learn

  • How to improve your pronunciation to sound like a native English speaker (4:38)
  • What to do when you get stuck in your speech because you can’t remember the word you need. Letting go of perfectionism (7:28)
  • How to be a confident English speaker - with the help of our mindset and body language (15:40)
  • How you can improve your confidence by simply adjusting your speaking speed (18:03)
  • The importance of positive self-talk and why you should never apologise for your level of English (21:50)
  • Yeşim's number one tip for English learners around the world (26:55)

We also talk about drama school and how it can help you with your English and confidence. Enjoy! :)

Mentioned in this session

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