Letter #11: That was a hard lesson to learn…

Hi Peter,

how is your English learning going? 🙂

When I read the emails from you – my dear subscribers – there’s one common difficulty that many English learners seem to be having.

Most English learners I meet have perfect or very good English writing. They can read English articles easily and they also understand English when they are listening. But…

…when it comes to speaking – when they are about to talk to someone in English, they get stuck and nervous.

They are unsure and they can’t say a word or they are speaking slowly with many pauses. But what’s more obvious – they feel uncomfortable, sometimes even scared.

The foreign language anxiety I just described is one of the top reasons why we – English learners – have so much trouble when it comes to speaking in English.

If it sounds familiar or you can relate, read on. 🙂

When we are afraid of speaking, we basically prevent it. We try to get out of every situation that could potentially include speaking. And what it does, is, that, when we are not speaking, we are not improving our speaking skills.

The english language speaking anxiety has almost nothing to do with your English knowledge. It is mostly psychological thing. It is a matter of our focus.

To tell you the truth – I suffered from foreign language speaking anxiety myself.

And to share with you my personal experience, I have recorded for you the whole story in the following podcast:

Listen to the story and see what I did to finally overcome the fear of speaking in English:

And after you finish listening the podcast Peter, feel free to share your thoughts or experience with speaking anxiety in the comment section.

Thank you so much and enjoy English 😉