Non-traditional English learning methods with Jeremy Kemp

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Jeremy Kemp, originally from London, teaches English online.

He started his teaching career in a local language school when he moved to Italy. Soon he realised that traditional English teaching methods don't work. Fortunately, Jeremy's background in psychology and experience in working with children with autism has helped him to develop a new set of non-traditional English teaching/learning methods.

Today Jeremy and his partnered English teachers at use his new teaching methods to help English learners master their language. :)

As you will hear on the interview, me and Jeremy had a great chat. Jeremy gives us many useful tips you can apply to your English learning today!

Enjoy! :)

In the session you will learn

  • Why traditional English teaching methods don't work (2:07)
  • How Jeremy developed new learning methods inspired by his experience in psychology and work with children with autism (4:49)
  • How to overcome anxiety from speaking English (8:15)
  • English learning tips and techniques from Jeremy's new book (10:54)
  • What is pronunciation contamination (13:35)
  • How to turn watching movies into fun learning activity (16:01)
  • How to use spaced repetition to learn new words and improve vocabulary (23:06)
  • Jeremy’s number one tip for English learners around the world (31:01)

Mentioned in this session

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